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The Penn Conflict Trolling 2.13 MT 6/12 LB Acid trolling rod is an excellent option for fishing lovers. This one-piece rod was designed specifically for live bait trolling and offers exceptional performance. With its spiral-bound Fuji O Deep guides, this rod guarantees a superior fishing experience.

Penn Conflict Trolling are a unique range of rods specifically designed for Mediterranean trolling. Thanks to the new salt-resistant Fuji O Deep Pressed guides, these rods offer greater durability and strength. The rings mounted in a spiral on the left prevent the wire from touching the stem under the traction of large prey. Furthermore, the reel seat guarantees a firm and secure grip, eliminating any possibility of unwanted play.

Like all Conflict series rods, the Penn Conflict Trolling blank is made of high modulus carbon with X-Wrap external weaving technology. This gives the rod an extremely durable construction, capable of handling even the largest catches with ease. Despite its superior performance, the rod is offered at a truly incredible price, making it an unmissable opportunity for fishing enthusiasts.

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